Lamb Top Round Roast

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Our Blackbelly Lamb Top Roast boasts a distinctive flavor profile that captures the essence of quality pasture-raised lamb. Sourced from the topmost portion of the lamb leg, this cut ensures tenderness and juiciness. Its unique marbling and succulent texture make it a standout choice for roasting, creating a savory and aromatic dining experience.

Indulge in the allure of our Blackbelly Lamb Top Round and unlock a world of taste that will leave an indelible mark on your palate. Experience the essence of our farm and the delight of savoring a masterpiece that is truly the epitome of culinary excellence.

Humanely raised on pasture and in the forest bordering the South Branch of the Patapsco Valley State Park. Our lambs are raised on an all-natural diet consisting of pasture and local Non-GMO feed.

Our sheep spend their time in our pastures and woodlands. Blackbelly sheep are great foragers and thrive in this kind of environment. Grass is their main source of food although during winter months they are fed locally-sourced, Non-GMO hay and feed. We rotate our sheep between several pastures throughout the year to minimize their impact on the terrain and to provide fresh pasture.