Soy-Free Whole Grain Layer Blend

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  • Non-GMO Soy-free Whole Grain Layer Blend
  • Complete layer feed fortified with minerals and additional calcium
  • High level of linseed (flax) oil for producing Omega-3 enriched eggs
  • Contains diatomaceous earth to help fight parasites 
  • Grown and produced locally in Maryland by a Family Farm

Non-GMO Field Peas, Non-GMO Wheat, Non-GMO Corn, Oyster Shells, Non-GMO Alfalfa, Non-GMO Black Oil Sunflowers, Ernst Grain Mineral and Vitamin Premix, Linseed Oil, Palm Oil, Kelp, Salt, Diatomaceous Earth, Probiotics: Safmannan & Integral, Natural Essential Oil & Herbal Supplement

Feeding Directions:
Feed from the time the first egg is laid throughout the time of egg production. Provide plenty of clean, fresh water. Do not feed moldy or insect infested feed.

Available in 40 lb. bags.


This blend of Non-GMO cracked grains is a complete layer feed made without soy fortified with minerals and additional calcium to ensure quality eggshells. A higher level of Omega-3’s is added through linseed (flax) oil to produce Omega-3 enriched eggs. It also contains diatomaceous earth to help fight any parasites that may be attacking your birds.  This feed may be fed to any type of laying birds including chickens, ducks, and all types of waterfowl. Know exactly what is in your birds’ diet with this soy-free Non-GMO chicken feed.

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25 lbs., 40 lbs.

1 review for Soy-Free Whole Grain Layer Blend

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    Best feed I’ve ever come across. While it comes in a 40lb bag (not 50), it is worth every penny.

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