Non-GMO Goat Feed


Discover the excellence of this premium non-GMO goat feed, boasting 16% protein, fortified with essential minerals, and enhanced by antibiotic herbs, vital essential oils, and probiotics to promote goat health. Proudly cultivated and crafted by a local Maryland family farm. Boost your herd's health while feeding this mix in addition to a forage diet.


Non-GMO Barley, Non-GMO Corn, Non-GMO Roasted Soybeans, Non-GMO Alfalfa, Black Oil Sunflowers, Goat Mineral & Vitamin Premix, Pulverized Limestone, Kelp, Linseed Oil, Probiotics: Safmannan & Integral, Natural Essential Oil & Herbal Supplement


Feeding Instructions

Feed 1 to 3 lbs. per head per day. Provide plenty of clean, fresh water. Do not feed moldy or insect infested feed. Do not feed to sheep as this product contains copper.


Available in 40 lb. bags.