Non-GMO Sheep Feed

  • Premium Non-GMO Sheep Feed with 16% protein
  • Boost your flock’s health while feeding this mix in addition to a foraged diet
  • Fortified with the necessary minerals for Sheep
  • Can also be fed to alpacas
  • Contains crucial essential oils & herbs with antibiotic qualities
  • Contains probiotics to fight disease
  • Grown and produced locally in Maryland by a Family Farm

Non-GMO Corn, Non-GMO Barley, Non-GMO Wheat, Non-GMO Roasted Soybeans, Non-GMO Alfalfa, Sheep Mineral and Vitamin Premix, Pulverized Limestone, Kelp, Linseed Oil, Probiotics: Safmannan & Integral, Natural Essential Oil & Herbal Supplement

Feeding Directions:
Feed 1 lb. per head, per day and may be worked up to free choice. Feeding rate will vary depending quality of pasture and hay. Provide plenty of clean, fresh water. Provide a free choice mineral in addition.

Available in 40 lb. bags.

This blend of Non-GMO grains made at 16% protein is a complete feed fortified with the necessary minerals for sheep. Natural supplements like probiotics, essential oils, herbs, and kelp help boost your flock's health while feeding this mix in addition to a foraged diet.