Non-GMO Three Grain Scratch

  • Premium Three Grain Scratch
  • Contains Non-GMO Barley, Non-GMO Corn, Non-GMO Wheat
  • Perfect Supplement to any Birds Diet
  • Grown and produced locally in Maryland by a Family Farm

Non-GMO Barley, Non-GMO Corn, Non-GMO Wheat

Feeding Directions:
Feed in addition to a complete feed up to 10% of a bird’s diet. Provide plenty of clean, fresh water. Do not feed moldy or insect infested feed.

Available in 40 lb. bags.

This blend of Non-GMO grains made without soybeans is a perfect supplement to any birds diet. Feed in limited quantities as this blend is just a Non-GMO Three Grain Scratch mix and does not contain minerals, probiotics, essential oils and herbs, and other necessary ingredients included in complete feeds.